What You Need to Know About Google Core Update March 2024 and How to Improve Your Website?

Google Core Update March 2024

The all-new Google Core Update of March 2024 has been launched and it has brought a seismic shift in the SEO industry. This is a huge update that has the power to sweep the web just like the updates, Panda and Penguin did. 

So far the Google Core update of March 2024 has deindexed many websites and has created an extensive impact on the internet market. Websites with authentic information and top-notch human-written quality content could survive this March 2024 core update hit.

Read on and find out what came along with this new update.

Google Deindexing Websites

The most important impact that can be seen with the Google March core update 2024 is the deindexing. Many websites were removed overnight from the search results. 

After the update rolled out a clean-up drive took place that cleared almost 40% of the low-quality websites. Wherever there were questionable SEO tactics that were penalised and removed both from the search result list and the index. This overturned the whole online SEO market. 

(Data Source: https://searchengineland.com/)

Here are the kinds of websites that were deindexed:

  • Websites with useless, unhelpful, unauthentic, irrelevant and spammy content.
  • Sites with poor user experience.
  • Websites that were not complying with the Google Guidelines.

Significant Impact on Revenue And Traffic

The major consequence after the March core update rolled out was the condition of the affected website. Almost 837 sites were deindexed which had over 20.7 million organic search visits. This gives the idea of loss that followed and impacted the specific websites. 

The penalties were extremely swift. It was hard and fast over the websites.

{Data Source: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/)

Older Survivors Were Caught

This March 2024 core update was all about ranking volatility. The earlier core rollout left a few survivors who were caught this time. Just the legacy of the website can no longer be a value point, there should be adaptability to keep up with the SEO game. 

The low-quality contents that were untouched in the earlier algorithm faced repercussions this time. Many found their entire network crumbled. A website with the slightest generalised content or unnecessary linking network broke down completely and vanished. 

Error-filled Sites are Vulnerable

When it comes to cutting down the sites Google considered, the E-E-A-T. The full form of Experience, Expertise, Authoritative and Trustworthiness. It is generally not a ranking factor but is used to check the quality of any website’s content.

Any website that holds low E-E-A-T was considered outdated. All the outdated sites carrying any kind of error were de-ranked right away!

A Bit Of AI Content Sites Were Affected

This March Core update 2024 was focused on removing bad websites that brought no value to the people. Only the valuable content could survive this roll-out. The sites that had even a bit of AI content got detected and were cleaned up. Even the repetitive content being human written was also de-ranked. 

Expired Domain Abuse

The Google Core update of March 2024 has focused on removing the expired domain abuse. Many of the expired domains are being purchased and new things repurposed to boost the low-quality content. This can mislead the audience into thinking the content is the earlier one. Hence Google is deindexing all those Experied Domains.

What To Do To Adapt?

If you are managing an older or small domain and worried about being deindexed, then wait you can fix it! Here is how your content can survive and adapt to the new SEO compliances:

  • Only Quality informative content should be put out
  • No repetition of information or over-exaggeration should be involved.
  • Zero use of AI content
  • Improve E-E-A-T and pass Google quality check.
  • Ensure your website is mobile-friendly, has a good speed and engages well with the audience.
  • Cross-check your previous work improve your previously published content and update old information with new one.


The new Google core update of March 2024 was all about quality improvement of content. So, all SEO companies, SEO experts and individuals need to focus on ensuring informative and quality content flows towards the audience. If you wish to save your website and make it survive the future update roll follow the earlier mentioned points and make your content valuable to the people.