Key Highlights of the New Google Core Update of November 2023

Google Core Update November 2023

On November 2nd, Google released its fourth core update for this year. This new update has changed Google’s algorithm for search results and SEO. 

Now, the search results are more relevant, and the quality of each result has improved. There are noticeable impacts from this new update. It brings multiple improvements to the whole core system, which makes this update different from the last one. Read on to find out more about it! 

What’s New? 

  • Google’s November Core update, the fourth major update of this year, got rolling on November 28. 
  • This rare consecutive update brought a change in the overall system assessment and search algorithm. There were many sites that faced ranking volatility and SEO issues. 
  • Google gave assurance that in any case of a huge ranking issue, there will be small changes gradually and a huge one after each core update.

The new Google core update of November took 26 days to roll out. The last core update was released in the previous month of October. The earlier core update of October 2023 took almost 15 days, which was from October 5th to October 19th.

For everyone who needs to know about the impacts of the new core update, here is everything: 

  • This new update brings massive changes to various sites in their ranking and SEO aspects. 
  • The update came out really fast; the rolling was quick and had huge effects. 
  • This time there was an overlapping update. During the core update rolling period, there was another Google review update going on. 
  • The impact of the New Core Update has affected all businesses, brands, and organisations. The affected search results, traffic, and conversions were significantly changed.

Important Points Provided by Google If You Are Affected 

Google share a quick review in Q&A format on how update will work and share some more insight about what you need to consider or what not

share some reminders in a about how we do updates, why we share about them, and what (if anything) creators need to consider when one happens.

  • This new update brings changes that cannot be altered. There is no action that can make the recovery possible. 
  • Any issue with your site does not make you spammy. There may be some non-scam causes. This negative ranking is not a sign of anything wrong with the site. 
  • Google also said there will be a small recovery, but a huge one will be possible after the next core update. 
  • Google avoids releasing major updates during holidays or shopping seasons, but sometimes there are exceptional cases.

Final Takeaway 

The New November Core Update 2023 brings major changes in the algorithm and improvements. The previous updates were found earlier in March 2023, August 2023, and October 2023, but this new one has a significant impact on sites. If any site is affected by the new update, it doesn’t mean you are doing something wrong; it will be fixed with time.