Maximize Your ROI with Cost Effective PPC Ideas

Maximize Your ROI with Cost Effective PPC Ideas

PPC ads play an integral role in digital marketing and it has a major impact on creating brand recognition. Without effective PPC one can lose valuable business as they are unable to reach the targeted audience. PPC campaigns are sure-shot ways to generate traffic on the website that turns into actual leads or sales. But one needs to be very conscious and aware of the ROI of the PPC campaign. By following certain highly strategic cost-effective PPC ideas can make full use of the PPC ads and maximize ROI. 

Prioritize keywords-

Keywords formulation and the most important for running a successful PPC. After in-depth research of the keywords, one needs to prioritize them. In precise, one needs to find the most relevant and searched keywords first. With the help of popular SEO tools such as Google Adwords keyword planner, SEMrush and Ahrefs one can figure out the most popular keywords for a particular purpose but getting human intervention for getting the right keywords is a necessity as this will create keywords that are more target oriented. Since there are lots of keywords, prioritizing the selected keywords over others will work better for the PPC campaign

Broad Match, Exact Match, And Phrases Match-

To make the PPC ad more valuable, you need to be enlightened about the three different match types that are there on the google Ads platform which include broad match, exact match, and phrase match. These keywords can be used differently in determining your goal of campaigning.

Broad match-

The broad match doesn’t include the exact terms of keywords but it matches the meaning of the keywords. With broad match keywords, one can reach wider audiences but the audience is unrefined as the Ad contains the matching keywords instead of exact keywords. 

The exact match

The exact match is contradictory to the board match. An exact match Ad has keywords that exactly match with keywords of a targeted audience. It will match the exact queries and searches of the audience. With this keyword, one can reach a more refined audience on the landing page.

Phrase match keywords-

Phrase-match keywords match with queries or searches of the audience that have the same meaning as the keywords of the PPC Ads. Phrase match will only match with the relevant query terms that are near the targeted keywords. Using phrase-match keywords presents the Ad to a small but highly relevant audience.

Use negative keywords-

The usage of a negative keywords list is a sure-shot way for targeting the relevant traffic. Negative keywords avoid unwanted or irrelevant traffic. Excluding certain keywords or phrases delivers a positive impact on the PPC campaign as this blocks the ads from showing in search queries for irrelevant traffic. Since ads are paid, whenever ads are displayed for irrelevant queries it shrinks the budget.

Use of Retargeting-

The use of retargeting allows you to target visitors again who once visited your website. This is a strategic method to bring back the visitors to the intended website and convert them into customers. The google ads remarketing code is a powerful tool for retargeting visitors. It is a very effective way for running a successful PPC campaign. Neglecting retargeting leaves out many potential customers for the business.

Creating multiple campaigns-

It is important to set multiple campaigns to target varied audiences. The same product or service can appeal to different sets of people for different reasons. One size seriously does not fit all hence one needs to create a series of ads for targeting different groups of people. Creating a series of ads within the PPC campaign that is based on relevant keywords surely maximizes ROI.

Improve quality score-

Improving the quality score of the PPC ad is an effective and highly methodical way to increase ROI while running a PPC campaign. Quality score is a powerful tool to identify ways to upgrade keywords, landing pages, and Ads. The scores are based on how often the Ads are clicked and how often the visitors are converted into actual customers after viewing the Ad. Checking and improving the quality scores of Ads works best for converting the audience into customers. Reviewing Ad scores figure out exactly where PPC Ads need more focus and modification.

Landing page relevance-

The landing page is very crucial for running a successful PPC campaign. A landing page is a place where visitors will be taken once they click the PPC Ad. Often PPC marketers or advertisers make the mistake of driving the targeted keywords to a website homepage instead of the relevant and targeted landing page of the website where visitors are looking for products and services matching their keywords. It has been found that using videos on landing pages increases conversion. To maximize conversion, the importance of landing page relevance should not be overlooked.


One of the biggest advantages of PPC ads is that they are easily trackable. Any sort of tracking and measuring is important for running a PPC campaign. With tracking, you can know how your campaign is running and what improvements it needs to maximize ROI. There are lots of powerful tools for tracking and monitoring PPC ads. Google Analytics is one of the most preferred tools for measuring effective tracking of PPC campaign performance.


With strategic PPC ads, one can reach a large number of audiences with an estimated budget. This is a sure-shot way to generate relevant traffic on the website that turns into conversion. The best part of PPC ads is that they can be tracked, monitored, reviewed, and improved. This makes them the most successful digital marketing strategy. PPC ad facilitates stability as PPC ads rarely depend on search engine algorithm updates. To be precise, with PPC one can monitor your current performance and work on improving your future performance based on the previous metrics.